Language is my craft.

   Words are your worth.


Jessica Willingham Creative is a creative content studio for emerging brands, engaged businesses, and established publications.


Your story deserves telling.  

Whether you’re a maker sourcing ingredients from around the world or a coach who transformed struggle into success, your story is capable of changing hearts and capturing customers.  

Compelling copy changes everything. It transforms curiosity into clientele, apathy into excitement, and musings into real momentum for your business. We all know how essential great content is, and how influential it can be to shape and share our messages with a targeted audience. Except writing all that content takes time — time away from your to-do list, time away from client projects and time away from your core expertise.  

I help brands and small businesses share their hearts, grow their dreams, and make money doing it. Through a thoughtful process and strategic systems, I help clients hit "publish" with confidence and clarity.




You need a copywriter and content partner to bring your client work to life. I collaborate with design teams, developers and art directors to create copy for brands, websites, and campaigns.   


You spend more time “doing” rather than “saying,” because hustling for your business is hard. You’re a maker, an artist, a dreamer and a doer — not a digital content strategist or social media pro. So writing feels frustrating at best, and on your worst days, totally futile. 

But we both know you have a story worth telling. 

I help creative business owners and entrepreneurs create content that transforms casual curiosity into loyal clientele.  


Human emotion is at the heart of your work. Your people matter, and so do their stories — but you aren’t sure how to best share that with the world. I help brands and organizations identify what, how, when, and where to share, and work with them to weave storytelling into an existing content strategy.