50 words to use instead of authentic

I'm tired of sounding like everyone else.

Like any industry, the online creative entrepreneur world has plenty of buzzwords. One of the most popular buzzwords is "authentic." It's right up there with "inspire" and "empower" on the overused words list. What was once a bold, fresh idea is now an empty buzzword that can blur your message with the masses. 

Is there a better way to say what you mean when you say "authentic"? 

Maybe you're trying to convey originality, honesty, or transparency. Maybe by saying "authentic" you really mean certifiable, professional, or ethical. 

Instead of using the same tired phrase, try saying exactly what you mean. Don't say "our products are authentic" when you can say "our ingredients are natural." Use plain language instead of keeping customers confused by buzzwords, jargon, and vague adjectives.

Being clear is more important than being catchy. 

Here are 50 words to use instead of "authentic."



  1. original 
  2. real
  3. honest
  4. true
  5. transparent
  6. trustworthy
  7. credible
  8. believable 
  9. proven
  10. sound
  11. supported
  12. tried 
  13. valid 
  14. powerful
  15. reliable 
  16. moving
  17. faithful 
  18. telling
  19. certain
  20. ethical 
  21. fair 
  22. direct
  23. genuine
  24. just 
  25. open
  26. plain
  27. reputable 
  28. sincere
  29. straightforward
  30. absolute 
  31. positive
  32. established
  33. surefire
  34. natural 
  35. gospel 
  36. simple
  37. certified 
  38. first
  39. pioneer
  40. primary
  41. bright
  42. pure
  43. clear
  44. complete
  45. total 
  46. heartfelt
  47. live 
  48. stable 
  49. tangible 
  50. essential