Being Boss Miami


I checked into The Palms Hotel at 5 A.M. Last minute deadlines, redeye flights and the anxiety of a new adventure left me bleary-eyed and barely functioning. I just wanted a bed. But as cleaning crews worked quietly around dimly lit lamps, I decided to skip fresh sheets and a dark room for an ocean sunrise. Outside, the light was pale. I walked past calm pools, empty beach chairs and lifeless tiki hut bars looking for a gate to a boardwalk, picking up the pace with every step. I swung the gate open, almost at a run as my bare feet thumped hard against the wood until I hit sand.

Ahead was the ocean, an empty beach, and the most perfectly soft sunrise.

I felt like I was exhaling for the first time in a long time.

I made it.

This was Being Boss Miami.


Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. Being Boss Vacations are for listeners who are ready to turn online connections into a real life, offline wolf pack.

I couldn't wait to travel again with these amazing and fierce boss women just six months after Being Boss NOLA.

Being Boss Miami was exactly what I needed after a long, hard winter. I said goodbye to the corporate world in November to run my own online business as a content creator and manager for small businesses. The work, thankfully, has been non-stop. But life as an online soloprenuer can get lonely. It certainly gets tough. And some days, in the thick of it, I can forget why doing this was so important to me in the first place.

Worst of all, I forget that I don't have to do this alone.



That's what Being Boss vacations are about. They're an opportunity for creatives of all kinds — coaches, yogis, writers, designers, branding experts, developers, photographers — to come together. We share personal stories, professional lessons, and encouragement. We talk business over organized roundtables and disorganized dance floors. We party on yachts, stay up talking until 3 A.M., and laugh until our stomachs ache. We come bearing all the weight of our businesses and dreams and spend the weekend talking it out, dancing it out, or (sometimes) crying it out.

Because while we can play it cool at cocktail parties and dinner dates with friends and family who don't quite "get" how we make money, we cannot coast through conversations here. Instead, we have to show up — fully, for real, and for each other.


Brene Brown once said that "courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen." Showing up is messy, vulnerable, and deeply uncomfortable. It's also necessary for business, life, and growth. It's about asking tough questions, learning new things, and being incredibly honest. Showing up is having  the courage to be kind. It's giving everything you know away for free.

At the end of the day, showing up isn't just about you and what you need. It's very much about the people who need your words, hugs, laughs, and encouragement as well.

Showing up grants us the opportunity to say and hear "me, too" — the most soul-soothing and life-giving words we can ever exchange.



So what else did we do on this Being Boss vacation? 

We listened to a live Being Boss podcast recording and attended a master class on creating digital products.

Some of us spent hours on the beach while others explored local culture in Little Havana.

I swam in the ocean with Kathleen Shannon and told ghost stories under a full moon with Emily Thompson.

We watched LEMONADE  in awe.

We listened to Prince on the beach while oohing and ahhing over Merry Beth Myrick's jewelry.

We explored the Wynwood Arts District and drooled under gorgeous murals.

We read tarot cards and shared secrets.

We Periscoped and partied our faces off.

Image via Jenny Karlsson

Image via Jenny Karlsson

Image via Jenny Karlsson

Being Boss changed my business. Hell, it changed my life. I have the privilege of working as a writer, making friendships and hanging out on yachts. This is my career. I'm living the dream.

Maybe you're reading this and wondering what we know that you don't. Let me promise you: information isn't the catalyst that will change your life— connection is. 

Pack your bags, book your tickets, and show up. Send emails, ask questions, get vulnerable and give it all away. Make friends with your idols. Reach back and help those just a step, or many steps, behind you.

Show up, show up, show up and don't ever give up.

That is what Being Boss Miami was all about.

Image via Jessica Bramlett



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