First Home: Dreaming

firsthome_seriesWith what I am now calling the great migration west has come a flurry of last-minute decision making, dreaming and scheming. The best of which has been house hunting, offers and finally going under contract on our first home.

We decided that we were so, completely, one-hundo-percent done with apartment living. I didn't give a husky shit what it was going to take, if all we could afford was a 1850's renovated mining shaft on the mountain top....we were going to have a home in Colorado. I learned the hard way that living in a new and unfamiliar place is rough enough without having to deal with hearing your neighbors 3 a.m. sex sessions through a thin wall and suspicious carpet stains you can't explain. Don't even get Cory started on the size of the average apartment kitchen.

We were done. We were going to stick our flag in some ground, no matter what. It's no Aspen ski lodge but it's no mining shaft, either. And best of all? It's ours.

I'm super proud of it, especially, because I did all the hunting and financial wheeling and dealing to get this house. And some really interesting things happen when I am doing "big kid" things like this, sans husband's presence. I am almost always dealing with older white men. These guys look at me in one of two ways: a) where is your husband/chaperone, or; b) this sweet thing reminds me of my daughter/granddaughter and proceeds to do that fatherly/grandfatherly, let-me-take-care-of-you-darlin' thing. Usually, they ping-pong between the two approaches. And I ping-pong between strong-arming my way through it or playing up the doe eyes.

So when I finally made an offer that was accepted, it was a sigh of relief. I was done with the BS and could now focus on having and making a home. It's 2014 - and although some things haven't changed - I can do what many generations could not: I can own property, not just decorate it.

But I'm really excited about decorating it.

The new house has a killer brick wall and a funky, stone-stacked entryway. I day dream about dark, moody walls and rich textures - something like Sirius Black's house meets the Burrow meets the Aunts' home in Practical Magic.

apartmenttherapy_goldbright and bold Chicago apartment, apartment therapy

desiretoinspire_plumwallwork of stylist, art director and interior designer Catherine Huckerby, desire to inspire


fiber art weaving, Barbara Rourke

urban outfitters

antoinette fainting sofa, urban outfittersLulu-Frost-for-Glitter-Guide-by-Trent-Bailey-Photography-00067

home of lisa salzer of lulu frost

I can't wait to share some before and afters of our first home. I collect all my inspirations here.