The best creations are true collaborations.

Here’s how I collaborate with clients to create compelling content. 


Meet & Greet

The way you walk into a room, how your eyes light up when you talk about your business or the sound of your customer’s sigh of relief as you step in to save the day — these things win hearts and tell true, moving stories. I work to capture these moments and convey them to your audience, so getting together 1:1 and (when possible) in person is essential to my process. 

We’ll spend time talking through not only your business but also your life and how you want the two to relate and support each other. I’ll hear your origin story, your struggles, and what makes your work truly special. 


Dream & Scheme

What stories deserve to be shared? Together, we’ll find the hidden gems in your brand’s makeup and come up with a plan for how to shape and share those with the world. We’ll begin with a Start Deck, a deep dive questionnaire. Then we’ll find a time to talk in person or over Skype to get to know one another, get specific about your brand and business, and identify your content needs.Finally, we’ll establish a project timeline, talk about tools best used to keep the project moving, and go over contracts, payments, and project scope. 


Your drafts are presented to you and ready for revisions through a private Google Doc link. You can view, share your first impression, make suggestions, and comment on what you love (and what needs to go). This is like a game of “keep, toss, or donate”  —we’ll work together to decide what content is essential to your story, what is weighing your business down, and what words can be repurposed (and where). In the end, I’m able to uncover bits of your story and rearrange these bits to perfectly explain what you do, who you do it for, and why it matters.



We’ll do some final finessing and talk about how to best implement the content we created. Then, ta-da! Your baby is ready to brave the world.


“Jessica’s talent is absolutely incredible. I needed somebody great to write a feature story about me that really portrays who I am, what I do and why I do it. Her writing style is so real and conversational, and her fun, down-to-earth vibe is so genuine and rare. 

She gets the job done, and does it better than expectations all while making it a fun experience. She’s worth every penny.”

— Morgan Meisenheimer, Morgan Leigh Meisenheimer Photography