Your words are worthy.

Content is the most emotive, intimate, and influential part of your business.


Business Naming

You have an amazing idea for a business, product, or service. You just. need. a. name. You fall in love with something but it’s taken, or you make a choice and ask 500 friends what they think and no one agrees. Suddenly, you’re ready to quit before you’ve even started.

I blend research, emotion, and language to craft original names that resonate with your audience, your business model, and your core motivation. 

So what do you get? Three to five name options and up to nine tagline options that reflect your mission and motivations. All names and taglines are not trademarked or otherwise taken, so your name will be 100 percent yours. 


Brand Copy

You have a beautiful brand identity, and you love the look of your site. Except you just don’t sound like you — the personality your customers love. I’ll work with you to craft a tagline, a bio or About page, or a brand lexicon as a framework for sharing your story on social media. You’ll be able to more confidently and clearly explain who you are, what you do, and why it matters to your audience. 


Website Content for Creatives

You’re launching (or relaunching) your site. Congrats! Except the designers and developers are flooding your inbox, ready and waiting for your content. From About pages to Services descriptions, opt-ins and “thank you” emails, I’ll help you write copy that speaks to your audience, creates an easy and enjoyable experience for your customers, and sounds just like you.


Website Content for Designers

If you’re uncomfortably (and unsuccessfully) dodging the content question in your client meetings, sending frustrated calls for copy the night before launch, or DIY’ing client content even though your expertise is elsewhere, I’m here to help. I work closely with design studios and one-man, one-stop shops to bring custom copy to campaign, web, and branding projects. I work with designers to fold copy and content into their existing packages, so they can get projects completed on time and in budget. The end product? A client at ease, copy that compels people to pay attention, and a project we’re all proud of.


Blog Content Creation & Management

You have plenty to say, but your blog is dying on the vine because you don’t have time to write – you’re busy running a kickass business! I totally get it. I’ve written website content for mamma blogs, design studios, corporations, event planners and non-profit organizations. You’ll get content that matches your unique voice and reflects your customers’ experience. Together, we’ll collaborate to create content that is polished and professional or catchy and conversational. 



I’ve been writing for online and print magazines since 2012. Whether you need long-form features for your annual report or a personal profile for a new CEO, I can help humanize your leaders, projects, and processes for your stakeholders.


"I recently had my company’s website redesigned and was in desperate need of some assistance in writing my personal and professional bio. For some people this may seem easy enough, but for many it’s difficult trying to come up with something creative to say about yourself. 

Jessica and I setup a Skype meeting so she could get to know me better personally as well as learn what my business is all about. As soon as I started speaking with Jessica I felt like she was a long time friend, she was super sweet and made me feel at ease throughout our entire conversation. She totally caught my vibe and knew exactly the message I wanted to get across to my clientele. 

It was amazing how she was able to put together such an impressive piece for my website. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of the same type of services or any type of creative writing."

— Cynthia Ross, Cynthia Ross Events